An approach to event webcasting


In a fast evolving business environment where the ability to communicate makes all the difference between success and failure, 1-Net responds with timely media streaming services targeted at corporations aiming to stand out among the competition.

  • Live Event Streaming / Video On Demand
  • Webcast Microsite Management
  • Content Encoding/Transcoding
  • Event Production & Management
  • Online Video Platform
  • Video Conferencing
  • Satellite and Microwave Signal Acquisition and Transmission
  • Content Delivery Network for Website and Media Distribution

NETtv: A Total Approach to Event Webcast

NETtv is an integrated and complete suite of media streaming services developed to meet the growing need for high-quality webcasts across multiple platforms such as desktop computer tablets and smartphones.  With the increasing demand for speed, precision, and reliability in communications, webcasting has become a popular alternative media for various applications including financial reporting, corporate event, product launch, seminars, etc. Whether live or on-demand, webcasting demands flawless delivery to achieve maximum impact, and it is precise to meet this challenge that NETtv has integrated solutions and expertise to reach the highest standards of excellence.


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Key Features

Bundle with onsite encoder
With onsite encoder, we can support live streaming adaptive bit rate
On-the-Fly Transcoding
We support the latest delivery streams formats 
Full Coverage and Security
Broadcaster coverage & all-around protection with flexibility and control
Scalable Cloud Platform
High performance and scalable Cloud platform with white labelling options
Connect On The Go
Connect any media of your choice to any device. Anytime, Anywhere.
Round the Clock Support
24/7 operation and maintenance system
Reach wider audiences
Through webcasting; you have the potential to reach anyone remotely; all a participant need is access to the Internet. The biggest benefit is that you can dramatically widen access to information and events.
High Availability of Data
Data is easily available upon demand and it can be easily retrieved

Benefits To You

NetTV webcasting allows you to expand your target audience: online participants can watch live using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Companies of all sizes are leveraging to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings, and messages.   Live streaming or on-demand videos can be used in numerous ways:

Lower cost
Costs associated with travelling, meals etc. can be eliminated through web streaming
Wider Audience Outreach
Reach out to all of your target audiences remotely at the same time
Saves time
Reduce time and effort required to train or market your products and services
Connects with your audience
Your online audience remains engaged as they can write in questions and receive live answers
Little Environmental Footprint
Little environmental footprints from web streaming of your event or business
High quality output
Good quality audio and video broadcast with unlimited range

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