Data Center Corridor


Data Center Corridor (DCC) is an initiative to interconnect any data centers with diverse connectivity options for enterprises and service providers. 1-Net’s DCC leverages on multiple carriers to ensure that customers network connectivity between data centers are delivered over the best-performing connection.

DCC offers customers an alternate option for disaster recovery, business continuity between data centers, securely backup and replicate mission-critical data, computing workload balancing between multiple data centers. By 2017, there will be 25 data centers connected via DCC in Singapore, with a roadmap to include more data centers in key ASEAN cities in the near future.

1-Net’s Connectivity 

Key Features

Enjoy high speed connectivity
Connection between our 2 data centers is point to point connectivity, providing you lower latency on connection
Quick Setup
Fast deployment to provide cross connections to any point within our data centers
Single Point of Management
Fuss free administration with 1-Net as a single point of contact and management for your connections
Choice of Bandwidth
With a choice of 1G or 10G direct fiber connectivity, you can choose what you want to pay for
Benefit From Seamless Connectivity
Promote business interactions through seamless connectivity between data centers and facilitate businesses for quick deployment and access international markets more rapidly
Various Connectivity Options
Connectivity options with diversified routes between data centers
Additional Option For Customers

An alternative choice to local telco providers for Cloud, Application Providers, Content Distributors etc.

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