Cross-Connect Services


1-Net’s cross connect facilitates  inter-connection between  any of our customers’ business partners, networks, carriers and Internet service providers together in a dedicated layer 1 environment. Cross Connection Service is available in various types of cables or interfaces for customer’s interconnection to Telco provider’s domestic or international services. Our customers are assured with 1-Net as a neutral carrier data center, we do not impose restrictions to Telco providers from offering their services in our data centers.

Key Features

Quick Setup
Fast deployment to provide cross connections to any point within our data centers
Private And Dedicated Connectivity
Have your own dedicated business connection that is reliable, consistent and fast
Path Diversity
Diverse physical paths are used for data delivery to reduce latency giving you faster data downloads
Well Supported Interfaces And Cables
Enjoy stable secure data transmissions from our well installed cabling system and interfaces
Round The Clock Support
24/7 operational support and system maintenance 
Low Cost And Latency
Enjoy high speed cross connectivity at a low cost

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