Content Digitalization

As media industry evolves with the digitalization of content, data storage and network latency become increasing important. These requirements are largely to meet users’ high expectation of enjoying media content anytime without geographical limitation. Globally, many media companies are looking into streamlining media production and extend their distribution capabilities to leverage on devices such as Smart TVs and mobile devices. 

According to Gartner’s prediction study, IoT will increase data center storage demand by less than 3 percent with massive potential for data generation in 2020 and the cumulative IoT data stored in 2020 will come from consumer and business applications. However, the challenge that many media companies are dealing with is how to deliver the content to the end-users when the size of the content is increasing faster than the bandwidth on the network.

Global Connected Media

Enhancing User Experience through Interconnected Data Centers

Speed of Content Delivery

Internet data is packaged and transported in small pieces of data. The flow of these small pieces of data directly affects a user’s internet experience. When data packets arrive in a smooth and timely manner the user sees a continuous flow of data; if data packets arrive with large and variable delays between packets the user’s experience will be impacted negatively.

Data Center Corridor is an initiative driven by 1-Net to interconnect key data centers with diverse connectivity options for our customers. Media companies can enjoy multiple high speed connectivity options at low latency to multiple key data centers at a lower cost. Many applications such as website and internet video streaming, that operated sluggishly over geosynchronous satellite links now have much faster response and work much better over 1-Net’s low latency fiber network.

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Content Delivery to Global Audience through Satellite

With the media industry in mind, we are one of the few data center providers who have provisioned space for satellite dishes at our rooftop. The satellite network will enable content providers to deliver digital TV content to their network around the world seamlessly.

Whether you are a Cable, DTT or IPTV network operator, this will help to transmit TV and radio channels that will enable you to reach out to your audience more quickly and cost effectively. With HDTV growing and the rise of Ultra HD, satellites with additional bandwidth will enable media companies to increase their offering to expand their audience base.


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