IP Transit / Internet Connectivity


1-Net provides our customers a zero miles, multi-homed IP Transit platform for all internet connectivity. Our internet upstream providers are selected and bandwidth is acquired based on our customers traffic pattern and different cables diversity.

This ensures high-performance and network reliability giving our customers the edge when it comes to business connectivity.

1-Net’s Connectivity Network

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Key Features

Multi-Homed Internet Service

Our connection to multiple upstream providers enables us to offer multi-homed bandwidth with high availability and redundancy.

Highly Scalable Bandwidth

Our network directly connects to our own peering network, with multiple Gigabits of peering bandwidth, allowing our services a lot of headroom to scale, especially to serve local broadband users.

Undifferentiated Bandwidth

We offers highly customizable and configurable bandwidth options, to fit your exact requirements

Active Network Monitoring

We are committed to round the clock network monitoring by our Customer Support Center, supported by a team of trained and qualified engineers.

High Quality Service

Up to 99.95% SLA for network services, with network redundancy

Round The Clock Support

24/7 operation and maintenance system

Network Redundancy

Network redundancy provided in different routing paths/equipment

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