Alchemy is specially built with two options for customers in mind – Alchemy Exclusive which is a private cloud environment exclusively built for MNCs and organizers and Alchemy Multi-tenant which is a certified public cloud environment for SMEs and everyone.

Alchemy Exclusive is a private secure cloud platform that is not only scalable but it is built exclusively for your organization. Currently not offered by any cloud provider in Singapore, 1-Net Alchemy Exclusive is packaged as a metered service where you pay only on what you use without any capital investment giving back savings to users. If you need high computing and storage requirements with strict regulatory control and compliance, Alchemy Exclusive is ideal as our cloud engineers are here to provide a scale, performance and security you need from a private cloud.

Alchemy Multi-tenant is a web service which is easy to set-up, operate with a scalable access to computing resources and IT services. It is the first Ubuntu certified public cloud in South East Asia by Canonical. The public cloud is cost-efficient by allowing you to pay a fixed rate by the hour with no contractual commitments and the freedom to choose your choice of CPU, instance storage, operating system, networking and firewalling that is optimal for the requirements of your organization.

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Software Defined Network
Able to provision multiple private networks with complex routings, vlans, logical segments, virtual interfaces, etc. all within the private or tunneled customer environment.
Connectivity Service
Alchemy is connected to a multi-homed Internet Exchange platform which ensures high-performance and network reliability with up to 99.99% SLA for connectivity.
Connectivity Service
A pool of public IP address that can be reserved, attached and detached from running instance and virtual appliances is available through the resource management interface.
VPN-as-a-Service (VPNaaS) connects existing infrastructure to Alchemy cloud via private Point-to-Point tunnels, all data communications across the public Internet are encrypted in IPSEC VPN tunnels. 
Load Balancing
Software defined load balancers can be created and interconnected through software-defined networks to create complex high availability application frameworks.
Direct Connection Service
Get connected directly through a dedicated line to private environments within Alchemy. Choose the choice of carrier, line type and even physical router to be directly installed within our facilities.
Self-Service Portal

Alchemy private cloud will offer customized self-service portal.  For customers, it will offers 24 hour-a-day support, and immediate access to information without having to wait for an email response or a returned telephone call.

Usage Report

Access in near real-time, on the usage in your account. You have access to current month to-date and previous month’s usage information.

Advanced Identity Management

Organizations can create multiple hierarchical layers of identities, roles and methods of authorization for multiple users within their organizations, allowing for granularity and precise control of their private environments.

Metering And Billing

A simplified billing and metering mechanism through the innovative concept of Cloud Resource Units (CRU) which enables CIOs and CFOs unprecedented control over cloud environment expenditures.

Virtual Firewall

Alchemy’s perimeter firewalls are packed with high-performance and scalable deployments to secure both the multitenant and the private Cloud environment across the entire enterprise network ecosystem.   We provide 2 types of firewalls, security groups or commercial virtual firewall instances, such as Palo Alto and Fortinet. Customers are able to deploy any types of firewalls to strengthen the cloud environment base on their requirement.

Two Factor Authentications

Accessing any part of the management interface requires a form of two factor authentication via OTP.   Two form factors authentications are also available for Virtual Machine level when required.

High Performance Compute Instances

High performance virtual CPUs and higher memory ratios ensure the delivery of high performance virtual machines that are fully compatible with all mainstream software and Operating System images.

1-Net’s IaaS includes importing images from Ubuntu, Microsoft, Oracle or Amazon AWS and a range of other hypervisors into Alchemy easily.

Flexible Block Storage

In-memory software defined storage technology and an extensive array of commodity hardware delivers a high-performance distributed array of volumes with high Input/output Operations per Second (IOPS), significantly higher than other competitors.   An easy-to-use intuitive interface allows full control of creation and snapshots of volumes of different sizes and file systems.

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